Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Bye Felicia........

 You know we learn and grow everyday. (Well I'd like to believe we all do). As time passes I have had the opportunity to constantly reflect on my life and relationships and I have come to the conclusion that it don't matter how attached you are to a person or how closely related you are or what people might say.......some folks just need to be cut out of my life. Some abruptly, others gradually but either way, they gotta go.

Toxic people drain you emotionally and even physically, they rarely have anything good to say- always critical even though they are not perfect. I have found that toxic people are often folks with a low self esteem who try to make themselves feel better by dragging others down. Now here's the trick most times it takes you a while to realize this because there's no way on earth you would believe this person would have any bad intentions towards you.
Some Toxic folks are more difficult to get rid of depending on how deeply rooted they are in your life but guess what??? The choice is all yours.

I have had to cut a few people out of my life because they were doing me more harm than good. A wolf in sheep's clothing some may want to call them. Some were quite painful, others I did gladly. 

Now why am I writing this post? Recently I confirmed I had another toxic person in my life. I had actually started to cut this person off gradually but sometimes I felt I was being unreasonable and over-reacting. Few days ago we were having a conversation and this person muttered something under her breath. Well it was supposed to be a muttered statement but it came out louder than she expected. What she said was enough to get a reaction out of me, I could have reacted but I've grown past that, I have long learned to pick my battles wisely. I ignored the statement but at that moment I knew I had made the right decision to cut this person out of my life, I took time to reflect on a lot of things that had happened and been said and I knew there was no going back, we are done. No beef, no fight, no aggression. 

You see, there are certain people who when they walk into the room you can literally feel the negative energy, the atmosphere changes immediately. There's no one I have introduced to this person (professionally and personally) that she hasn't fallen out with this then leaves me in a very awkward position. I have since learned to keep this person away from relationships I value. With her it's always one thing or another.......Life is too much for all that drama abeg.

I decided to write this post to vent as well as hopefully help at least one person identify the toxic people in their life, get rid of them and move on.When you get rid of these people, you feel lighter, happier and breezy......hehehehehe. First step to achieving this is to not give a hoot about what people may say or think. The toxic person in your life could be anyone- friend, family, colleague......look out for the signs

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