Tuesday, 23 August 2016

In Other News......

There are quite a few issues trending on social media that I want to talk about so I'll pick them one by one as I remember. Feel free to chip in as well. 

Two days ago I saw a story on Facebook about a driver who stole his boss's car on his very first day at work. Hian!!! People get mind oh! She put up his passport photograph and his driver's license. I hope they catch the bingo soon. 

Can I just give a few tips here-
You see this world we live in is gradually coming to an end. I can't bring myself to watch the news these days 'cause it's just always bad news. When you want to hire a person especially domestic staff- driver, nanny, cook, steward, laundry man, gardener e.tc. You gotta verify their guarantor. Don't just stop at giving them a guarantor form to go give their guarantor, invite the guarantor over best of all take the time and pain to go and know where the guarantor lives and works. Take time to go and know where your potential employee lives, speak with his or her fellow tenants, if the land lord/land lady lives in the compound, introduce yourself as their employer and ask questions about the person's character. It doesn't matter how urgent you need the staff, a few days of waiting for verification can save you a lifetime of pain.

For those of us that have cars, can I advise that you get a car tracker installed. It's a tiny chip they install in your car and they give you a code you can SMS to a certain number and the location of your car will pop up on google map. You can even disable the car with a code. Let's not take these things for granted. Most of the people who have comprehensive insurance on their car get a car tracker for free but if your insurance doesn't cover car tracking, abeg close eye go do am. I think it's about 30 or 40k and renewal is 15k. Even if you feel the value of your car is not much but you know say if dem thief the car e go pain you, abeg go put tracker. 

I know a company that does, we use them for all our cars both home and office. I will not put up their details here 'cause dem no pay for advert.....lol. But if you are interested, send me an email (omalichaspeaks@gmail.com) or a Whatsapp message (07083500356) and I'll forward their contact details to you. You don't even have to take your car to them, they can come to you. 

We are living in end times, we need to be extremely careful and cautious. I always say, you can't be too careful. I have been accused of being paranoid one too many times but I don't care oh....better safe than sorry.


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