Saturday, 4 February 2017

Bad Guy Vs Good Guy

Ladies, at one point in our lives we must have fallen for a 'bad' guy.
Lemme describe my own version of  a 'bad' guy. A bad guy may not necessarily be a stunner but his swag can break a bank.
He knows the right people, places, he is popular, he can get into the VIP section of any club even without popping a bottle. In the early days of your relationship he is super attentive, wakes you up with a phone call every morning and when he can't call he sends an sms. He makes sure his voice is the last one you hear every night and the first one you hear each morning. Each day you look forward to waking up to the awesomeness of his baritone voice or his subtle sexiness implied by his sms. He says all the right things then when he realizes he has you where he wants you, his true color starts to show but you don't see it. Nooooooooo  instead you make excuses ''it must be something I did or said'', ''maybe he is having a bad day''. You are hooked!!! You miss the old him so you hang on hoping this phase will pass. ''He will change, he will realize how much I love him and he will start to love me just as much''.

He can talk his way out of any and every situation including when you meet a half naked girl in his bedroom. He makes you need him, he makes you believe you are nothing without him. You will empty your bank account just to keep him happy. He is that good. He is available yet unavailable.

He has introduced you to his family and friends, they even refer to you as ''our wife''. Yet you can't seem to hold him down. You find yourself begging God to change him, you may even fast and pray that he turn a new leaf. Kai......women have suffered oh!

Meanwhile there is a regular 'Charlie' he's all about work, focused on building a career. He's just a simple guy and you even think he takes life too serious. He rarely goes out, his idea of hanging out is going to see a movie. He can hold and engage you in meaningful conversations, He is attentive and picks your calls whenever you call and if he can't he sends an sms explaining why he can't. He remembers special dates, your favorite things and places, dude is just so thoughtful but he just doesn't have that persona......he is not a 'bad' guy. You want to discredit him so much that you start to look for flaws where there are none. The easiest way to go is to attack his physical attributes- ''he is too short'', ''his head is too big'', ''have you seen his ears''?, ''I don't think he'll be good in the sac''. 

So you take him for granted, you toy with his emotions, you only pay him attention when your 'Mr Swag' doesn't have your time but once Mr Swag comes calling you drop 'Mr Charlie' like hot potatoes and dash off. 

You keep this up until one day you can't take Mr Swag's B.S anymore or he has dumped you for another chic so you go searching for 'Mr Charlie' only to find that he's moved on. He has found a woman who appreciates all his goodness. 

Oh no!!!! What to do now???

The scenario above is quite common but the beauty of it is that a lot of people who are in that situation do not even realize it until the bubble bursts. This situation is equally applicable to guys...always looking for that hot chic, a pepper dem kinda gal.

To be honest I think it's okay to allow yourself fall for the likes of Mr Swag or a pepper dem kinda chic at least once in your life time. Believe me, it can be fun, you also learn a lot of lessons that will last a lifetime. But it should be in your early dating days, when you still have time to play and mock about. You get to a certain age and then your grown ass should know better. Just saying.

Hey! I'm not saying 'Mr Charlie' is a perfect kinda dude, but some guys are better for you than others so choose wisely.

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