Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Day Dreaming

Hmmmm.....I'm such a day dreamer, as in if they were giving out degrees in Day dreaming na me go first collect PhD.

My day dreaming exercise started really early I was probably 6 or 7 years old. I was an only child for a bit so all I had were my mind and my imagination so I put them into good use. Even when my siblings came it didn't stop me, I was well into the day dreaming world. Matter of fact I looked forward to being alone so I can day dream. It was and still is standard for me to day dream myself to sleep #coversface.

Let's talk about some of the things I day dream about- I basically spend time in my mind fantasising about the things I want, how I think my life should be and I live it out in my mind using real and fictional characters.

As a kid I imagined I had 3 siblings can't remember the gender arrangement but there were three and we lived in a really big house where each of us had a room packed with toys and all that good stuff.

As a teenager it was all about my crushes oh! Ha!!!! Sometimes the day dreaming became so real to me that when I see the dude I start to feel awkward. If the person annoys me or if I find a hotter dude I break up with the previous one in my mind and start up things with my new hottie.

As a single adult I continued day dreaming, I created my ideal man, ideal number of kids, ideal career, ideal house. I took time to day dream about how I would meet the man, how he would 'wow' me, how he proposed, our wedding.....the whole nine yards. Now note that the man in this day dream journey is a real person oh! Most likely one I am crushing on from a far. Also note that the male characters changed quite often......lol #coversface

I remember this one time I had a massive crush in Banky W in my head. I built us a life, a family, new businesses, successful ones oh!.....all in my head. I no kuku sabi am from Adam.

As a married woman I would fantasize about where I wanted my life to be, the type of businesses I wanted to get involved in, how many kids I still want to have.

Did I tell you that in one of my fantasy sessions I was a blogger/motivational speaker? This was years before I even knew what Google was not to talk of blogger.

Now the beauty of my day dreaming/fantasy sessions is that slowly some of the things have started to materialise career wise. It's all starting to fall into place.

Lemme tell you guys the scary bit, few months ago I had certain episodes of my fantasy that materialised. Though it didn't play out the exact way I wrote the script in my head but it happened. It was like a dejavu. It was and has still been a life changing moment for me.

I get the feeling God has really started paying attention to my day dreaming sessions so these days I'm careful what I fantasise about. Don't laugh oh! I'm very serious. I wish I could go into full details for you guys to understand better but I can't. Trust me when I say this- the mind is a very powerful tool. And I have come to realize that from a tender age I started utilizing mine to my greatest advantage.

Day dreaming has kept and still keeps me company when I'm alone. I never get bored. I could stay in one place for hours but my mind is long gone interacting with hundreds of people, building empires, making life changing decisions all in my head but like I said before, some of them are starting to play out so I gotta be careful what I day dream about.

Does this all make sense??? Lol....na you sabi, it sha makes a whole lot of sense to me. Another thing I'll say is be careful what you wish for because you might get it and realize you are not ready for it or you don't want it.

There are shades of grey in this life. The spiritual is just as real as the physical. I'm going to deep abi? Okay I'll stop here.

So do you day dream? What do you day dream about?


  1. Lols, I day dream alot too. Day dreaming about my future home.

    1. That's good to know Chukwuma. I pray your dreams come through.

  2. I day dream getting married to my partner and how beautiful our home would be. just dreaming.

    BTW Omalicha u see the long absence, stopeet! I only thought of your blog and said I should at least read old post again, only to see that you are back. isokay.

  3. I'm so sorry my luff. Pls don't vex for me I promise to be more regular with posting. Thanks for checking in.


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