Sunday, 5 February 2017

Mixed Feelings- One Voice Nigeria Protest Cancelled

So Tuface has cancelled the planned protest. Am I surprised- No, disappointed- Not really.

First time I heard about the protest I thought it made perfect sense and that it was about time someone spoke up for the voiceless. 

I wasn't planning to attend but I was looking forward to watching it on TV.

Ever since the protest was announced there have been so many controversies surrounding it. Some critics voiced their opinions some made sense others were obvious were stemed from deep rooted beef and envy.

Tuface was bashed verbally, threatened and eventually he caved. Nobody should blame him. I watched his cancellation announcement on Instagram, he looked deeply pained. Then I read some folks insulting him, calling him a coward......really guys? This is a young man, a husband and a father of many children abeg this cause is not worth loosing his life over. Yes, I said it!!! If the protest will lead to the loss of any life, then NO it's not worth it, this is why I'm not really disappointed that it was cancelled. 

Someone commented that she was really pained and disappointed because she don go print T-shirts for the protest....Hian! Who send you message ????

They say it's a politician from an opposing party that nominated and geared Tuface to take this initiative. Abeg even if it is, the current situation of this country no reach to protest? Are you not tired? Are you not worried? Or maybe the recession is not affecting you.

One thing I'm certain is that the voices of Nigerians have been heard through the issues that were raised during the campaign for the peaceful protest. 

One point they raised for cancelling the protest was that some folks were planning to hijack the protest. My question is who is sending and sponsoring those folks? 

I thought democracy meant the general public have a voice. Sadly Nigerians are being bullied into silence. 

May God deliver this great nation from the hands of the enemy. #restorenigeria #istandwithtuface

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