Friday, 3 February 2017

No He Didn't.....

I got Toke Makinwa's book towards the end of last year. Too much activity has still not allowed me finish the book, Imagine!!!! 

I'm somewhere in the middle and as I read I can relate to her relationship drama. I mean we've all had our fair share of relationship blues, some more than others but while reading Toke's book, I could feel her pain. Some may have been reading her story and wonder why on earth she kept giving Maje chance after chance despite him totally making it obvious that he's an asshole....excuse my french but he is!!!!

Sometimes in life you find yourself with that one person who captivates you, they are bad for you, you know it but you just can't resist 'em. It's like a fatty bom-bom struggling with weight loss, you sought of develop a love-hate relationship with food. Let's not forget the fact that the guy was a master manipulator. He knew which buttons to push, he could totally work her, he knew all her mumu buttons. 

I have always said that no one comes into your life by chance, neither do stuff happen randomly. There is always a reason for everything at least that's what I believe. For everyone who walks into your life there's a reason, purpose and lesson to learn. Some lessons may be good some tough and heart wrenching but you should come out stronger and wiser. 

Now the koko of this my small rambling is that I woke up this morning to hear that Maje is threatening to sue Toke for defamation......say WHAT???? He's got some nerve!!! No remorse, he toyed with that girl's heart for years, tortured her emotionally, humiliated her in every possible way and topped it up by knocking another woman up. What is wrong with that man?

Few weeks back I heard he was bitching that his business has suffered negatively because of Toke's book. Before nko?? That is what happens when a community penis messes with the wrong woman. 

I have to say I admire Toke's strength and business sense. Rather than rant about her marital issues on social media or grant interviews, she went ahead to make money out of her story. Some people might be appalled by the move but I'm giving her a thumbs up and hi-5 from my desk......hehehehehe....a strong woman knows when to set her emotions aside and do what needs to be done. She needed closure, she needed to get back at him for all he put her through through the years and what better way than naming and shaming and cashing out!!!

I have read a lot of criticisms about her book. People need to realize that the world has evolved way beyond suffering in silence. It's her life and her story, however she chooses to live it or tell her story is no one's business. She's not shoving her book or her story down your throat. If you no wan read am then waka pass. I read a comment a guy made on Facebook about Toke revealing too much and how it will be difficult for her to find a man who will marry her, be with her and not think about Maje giving her an STD **** rolling my eyes****. Not every man is shallow minded. 
By the way she's got a man. I don't know if it's going to end up at the alter but she looks happy and relaxed. Of course she will have insecurity issues and some baggage from her last relationship but it takes just the right man to love her past her pain and insecurities and I hope she has found him or will find him soon.

People say no one has heard Maje's side of the story and that Toke isn't exactly a saint, true that but I'll tell you what I have observed that has made me take her side 100%. I follow Toke on social media, few months after her relationship ended, I noticed a glow abi na spark in her eyes that wasn't there before. She looked relaxed and at peace. Don't say the glow is from all the make up.....go deep, the eyes tell the true story of the heart and the mind. She was obviously going through hell in that relationship and is finally free and I'm super happy for her. Let me add that I don't know Toke personally nor have I met her before so this is not a famzing post, it's just from a woman who understands and has experienced true heartbreak over and over. Anyone who has ever been in a similar situation will be able to relate to what I'm yapping about.

That being said, I don't think Maje has the moral justification or the grounds to sue her and even demand and apology....what an arrogant pr#&k. I pray Toke doesn't cave to his demands oh!!!! She go just fall my hand.

Now that I'm done rambling, Happy new year guys. How have you all been? I know a lot of you are tired of my appearing and disappearing act. Me sef tire for myself. A lot has happened to your girl in the last one year. I'm going through a process of re-birth. I won't bore you guys with the story of my life just yet. I'm hoping to get back to blogging full time as I have really missed blogging and you guys. Shout out to all those who reached out to me. I really appreciate your concern and love. 
May this year be our best year yet.

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