Friday, 3 February 2017

Please Put Julius Agwu In Your Prayers

 I am a fan of Julius Agwu. I admire the fact that he is one of those people who made something great out of a humble beginning. I like him as a comedian just as much as I like his hustling spirit. 

Julius has been battling brain tumor for a while. First time I heard it I was shocked, but I was so sure he will pull through not sure why I was so confident. Then last year I read he was  back to the US for treatment, now that worried me. Every now and then it crosses my mind and I say a little prayer for him and his family.

Dear Lord, he is a husband, a father, somebody's child. I don't know him nor his wife personally but I worry about them because I know what it's like to have and care for a family member who is seriously ill. It's no child's play, matter of fact I think the care givers suffer the most because your mind and your body are doing the work, you worry about so much yet you have to put up a bold front to encourage your loved one. It's not easy at all. 

Please say a prayer for Julius and his family. I pray for divine and total healing, I pray that God grant his wife the strength and wisdom to be all she needs to be for her family at this time.

Good health is worth much more than all the wealth in the world. We wake up in the morning, get out of bed easily and go about our daily hustle and we assume it's just normal. My darlings, not everyone has that privilege, it's a priceless gift we all should appreciate. Please keep Julius and his family in your prayers.

I pray for sound health and divine protection over all of us and our household.

I just heard he is back and I'm so happy for him and his family. Let's pray that God will perfect his healing in Jesus name.

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